PBnJ Baby SippyPal Sippy Cup Holder Strap Leash Tether (ABC 2-Pack)

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PBnJ Baby SippyPal Sippy Cup Holder Strap Leash Tether (ABC 2-Pack), By PBnJ baby.

PBnJ Baby SippyPal Sippy Cup Holder Strap Leash Tether (ABC 2-Pack)

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as of 08/10/2022 4:03 am

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Item Description

  • A NATIONAL BRAND - Unlike most other sellers, we are an established national brand selling in major retailers like Kohl’s, Kroger, Whole Foods, Publix and 1000’s of other retail stores.
  • SAFETY - All products are tested to meet the strict safety requirements of the CPSIA and major retailers. Our products let you purchase with confidence knowing that nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. SippyPal prevents cups, bottles and toys from falling to the floor. Easily attach to the harness of strollers, high chairs, car seats, shopping carts and more. The SippyPal helps keep floor dirt off your children’s items.
  • PATENTED - Push button buckle keeps cups and bottles secure so little hands cannot remove the SippyPal. Others use Hook And Loop which is easy for children to remove allowing them to lose their cup or bottle. See images to learn more!
  • ADJUSTABLE - The SippyPal fits around the largest cups and bottles on the market while others cannot. Don’t get caught with a sippy cup holder that won’t fit around your child’s favorite cup. The strong non-slip material on the back of the soft fabric keeps cups from slipping out. Most others do not use a non-slip material.
  • IT'S GREEN! - It has a SECOND life with 1000's of uses. The SippyPal is durable and made to last. When your child out grows it how will you use it? Organize home, garage, use outdoors and much more! See images to learn more!
  • GUARANTEE – As a national brand, we stands behind our products. If you are ever unhappy with the product return it for a full refund. See why buyers at major retailers choose the SippyPal over the others. So, if you are tired of playing the “Dropsy” game, don't wait, order now.

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Main Product Details of PBnJ Baby SippyPal Sippy Cup Holder Strap Leash Tether (ABC 2-Pack)

Product Dimensions ‎4.5 x 2.5 x 0.74 inches
Item model number ‎ABC
Safety warning ‎This item is not a toy. Before each use check the whole paci holder. Throw away at the first sign of wear or damage. Never lengthen the soother holder. Never attach it to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing. Do not use clip at nap or nighttime and never use in a crib, travel yard or bed.
Number Of Items ‎2
Batteries required ‎No
Item Weight ‎2.1 ounces

What Do Costumers Say About This Item?

I got four of these suckers as a last ditch effort at controlling milk spillage and mess. They work great if you use the right style cup. It has to have a bit of a waist to it- a contoured cup. She can slide it right off a regularly shaped cup and huck it across the kitchen. I have one tied to her high chair, one tied to the stroller, one on her car seat and one extra for restaurants and such. You should have seen her face the first time she tried to fling her cup with this attached. The cup just dangled silently beside her high chair. At first she was silently shocked, then she became angry, and then realized she was defeated. Mmmuuuaaaaahh. I have won this battle. For now.
MrsSmith - June 26, 2021
Amazing! 7 sippy cups stay within arms reach from 7 highchairs!
Heather R. - February 9, 2017
One of my twins drops her sippy cup every so often. The other drinks like Thor and throws her up to the floor after every sip, and then is upset that her cup is gone.This strap works to keep the sippy cups accessible. Even if the cup is hanging down, they can reach over and pull it back up. Spouted or straw cups may still drip while hanging, but 360 cups have no leaking when hanging off the side.We use these in the high chairs, in the stroller, and in their car seats, and they've been pretty handy.They're functionally identical to the HnyBaby ones, but those have a large hexagonal tightener; this one has a more rectangular one that allows it to sit closer to the sippy cup for a tighter hold, plus it's just less bulky and in the way. It's a minor detail but it does make a difference.They do get gross; it says spot clean, but we put them in the dishwasher inside the bottle parts basket, and hang dry.
Heather R. - August 9, 2018
It's ok. The strap is rather short, so, unless you plan to connect it near your child's chest, like the picture shows, it will unlikely reach their mouth. I bought it so that it would connect to my son's highchair and stroller in the event he wants to knock his cup off the side of his tray. I didn't want to connect it to the chest strap as that created an obstacle for him to around to get food into his mouth. At 12 months old he gets fussy when things are in his way. When I found a connection point for both the highchair and stroller, the strap, at full extension, prevented the cup from reaching my son's mouth by 4 inches. I understand you cannot have the strap too long as it poses a choking hazard, but it could be made to extend longer to reach the need of the person using it and when not needed to be long it could be shortened again, preventing the lengthy choking hazard cord and creating a more functional sippy cup holder strap. Again it would work out great if you plan to connect it to the chest harness straps. But anywhere else may create a lenth issue.
Katelyn S. - July 16, 2017
My one year old might be the next Nolan Ryan - she seriously can pitch anything across the room at the speed of light. We have been transitioning to sippy cups and she loves to fling them. This PBnJ holder is absolutely amazing. It secures around the cup tightly at the push of a button and the other end hooks to the high chair leg, straps, arm of high chair - baby, the possibilities are endless. I was so tired of chasing after her cup, especially since she would be angry she didn’t have it anymore (um duh tiny human, don’t throw it and you will have it always). Now it just hangs out waiting to propel down like a little happy pink bungee jumper. I give this 100 stars!
Bryan H. - September 13, 2019
I use these for pretty much everything. I don’t understand why more caretakers DON’T use them. Over the years I have put them on his teethers, water cups, snack holders, stuffed toys, miscellaneous other toys like shovels, his toddler-sized guitar, and a pouch that holds my phone so he can listen to music when in the stroller. I have also used several linked together in the car so that when drops certain items, I can easily drag them back into reach and give them back to him when he wants them. I attach them to my wrist, his wrist, his clothes, my clothes, the stroller, the car, the car seat when safe, his diaper bag, you name it....The uses for these things are seriously endless, and you can get so insanely creative with them. Even beyond his toddler years, I suspect he or I one will continue to find uses for these marvelous things.
Lorynn - January 30, 2020
We have had these straps for almost a year, and we love them. They are cute, durable, and functional. My son has always thrown his cups. We purchased these because we were tired of cleaning up the splatter from dropped cups. Yep, even the Munchkin 360 cups aren't completely leak proof. These straps are best used when attached to the belt/straps of a high chair, car seat, etc. Otherwise, the length may not be long enough. Great product, especially if you are going out to eat. Absolutely love them and great customer service! My son sometimes will try to put his cup in the straps now. Just a heads up, but we also use these straps on the Philips Avent My Bendy Straw cups. You will want to tighten these straps higher up on the cups. Otherwise, if you tighten the straps around the middle of the cup and the cup is thrown, it will hang upside down and start to leak.
Lorynn - June 15, 2019
So these are awesome! They work perfectly and they were just what we needed. No more spills on the floor and our boys have already learned how to pull the drink back up themselves.Two things I wish were different. I wish it were made with a wipeable material. After only a couple uses, they are stained - I wash them with the dishes and I’ll have to soak them and throw them in with the laundry. The other, one of our tethers, the stitching is coming out. While this won’t make them unusable, it is frustrating and concerning.With that being said, I ordered another set for their diaper bag and I also ordered some toy tethers to try out.
Emily - June 13, 2018
The media could not be loaded.  Pricey and delivery took over a week. This covid takes all delivery forever to arrive.It is not long enough when it drops which is good.It is made of cloth so when it get dirty you have to wash it not wipe or you can wipe but to remove stain you have to wash it.Compatible to any strollers too.I like this product a bit expensive to buy more though.
Aubrey - June 8, 2021
I got these straps to hold my glass bottle to the stroller. Its a Dr.Browns Glass 4oz size and I’m worried it will still slip through. The grip parts aren’t that thick(black fabric part) nor are they really gummy to hold it secure. The clasp is also very iffy as they slide very easily. The pattern of Dino's are great and colours very bright and nice. I can probably use it to hold a toy or something. The length is fine. Cost is a bit much for what they are but these are hard to find. If someone has a regular plastic bottle it probably will be fine. Still keeping these as I got the matching pacifier holder in this design too.
Shelby Dudley - October 12, 2021
These are very cute and fit the purpose I was needing them for which was having a leash to my daughters stroller or highchair for her bottles or other hard toys. It isn’t very long but it does get the job done.
Shelby Dudley - May 9, 2021
I love this product. My daughter is always throwing her water bottle when in her stroller so this keeps her bottle at reach and not on the ground.
MARY G. - January 12, 2022
I like how easy it is to wash the material that is on the strap. I attach my daughters sippy cup to it while she is eating, so it ends up getting covered in food. The stains and grime come off nicely with just some dish soap & water, and it drys fairly fast for her next meal.
MARY G. - November 12, 2020

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PBnJ Baby SippyPal Sippy Cup Holder Strap Leash Tether (ABC 2-Pack)
PBnJ Baby SippyPal Sippy Cup Holder Strap Leash Tether (ABC 2-Pack)
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