Munchkin White Hot Safety Infant Spoons


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‎Wash and inspect before use. Top rack dishwasher safe. Do not microwave, boil, or steam sterilize. The White Hot color change function may cease to function over time, replace when necessary. Discoloration will not affect the performance of the White Hot function. Discard and replace at first sign of weakness or damage. Always check temperature before feeding. Do not let child walk or run while carrying the spoon. Discard all packaging components before giving to the child.

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Material free

‎BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Nitrosamine Free

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‎Top rack dishwasher safe

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Last updated on 12/07/2022 7:24 am Disclosure
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Product is rated as #18 in category Munchkin brand
Munchkin Squeeze SpoonProduct highlights!

What Do We Like About The Munchkin Squeeze Spoon?

  • White Hot® System: spoon tip turns white when baby’s food is too hot (approximately 110 degrees F or 43.3 degrees C and above)
  • A tapered spoon bowl is comfortable for little mouths, and soft tips are gentle on gums
  • Long handles for easier high chair feeding
  • BPA- and phthalate-free
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe
  • 3+ months

Good from the very first bite.

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons, Assorted Colors 4 ea

$10.06  in stock
as of 11/30/2022 8:28 pm

It's a fun, but at times tricky milestone to figure out-you're constantly questioning whether food is too hot, too cold, or just right. Munchkin's innovative white hot safety spoons can help make those first feedings easier to swallow for both of you. Simply dip the tips of the spoons in heated pureed baby foods to check if it's too warm. If the tip turns white, the food is too hot for baby to eat. Wait for it to cool, dip again, and if the tip is no longer white-voila. You can feed your little one without worrying about a thing.         Ensure your babyâs food is not too hot with Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons Patented white hot system Spoon tip turns white when babyâs food is too hot Designed with comfort in mind Soft tips are gentle on babyâs gums BPA- and phthalate-free Top-rack dishwasher safe For ages 3 mos. and up

Munchkin Squeeze Spoon

13 reviews for Munchkin White Hot Safety Infant Spoons

3.2 out of 5
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  1. shereen hayes

    I am giving this product a two star rating mainly because I didn’t receive the product shown in the picture I revieved munchkin infant hot safety spoons instead. They are a good product but I was exoecting to receive the product shown above

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  2. Samantha Groves

    I love these spoons and my son can easily feed from them and they’re not uncomfortable on his gums so no complaints there! I love that the tip changes to white to let you know if the food is too hot as safety is important to me as a mother. The only reason I gave them a 4 not a 5 is because unfortunately if anything orange or red (tomato based) is given it can stain them 🙁 I know that most feeding spoons do this these days but the colours are so pretty that I wouldn’t want to ruin them! I…

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Nice and soft spoons but cannot be used with anything red, orange, pink or purple or it will be stained! They will still be ok to use but they will look horrible!

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  4. SimplePleasure

    I greatly prefer these silicone wrapped spoons. The silicone is not fragmented nor has unruly seams that will be abrasive. That is EXACTLY why I adore these spoons for my now 5-6 month baby. There is zero friction while feeding the baby, no scratchy seams against her inner/outer mouth and lips. Unlike my bpa free plastics spoons, which have edges that appear to cause the baby some pain when wiping the dribbling peas or applesauce that I want to capture and re-feed to her.

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  5. Problem Solver

    This spoon Not that great but not terrible either.

    I gave mashed carrots for my 5 month old and the spoon stained orange (as seen in the picture). I washed, sterilised, soaked a good few times but it is still there. It is only a stain but it kind of gives me the feeling the spoon is not clean.

    It changes colours when the food is too hot etc, but I did not really get the added benefit of this feature.

    Also, because of the oval shape and the thick layer of the plastic tip, it does not hold alot…

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  6. Kim

    I bought these because I come from a big family and I remember all my aunts and uncles using these with my cousins and even my parents with my brother. I thought that it was really smart that they change colors when the food is too hot, that’s a great feature. I was really excited to use them because I thought of them as durable, dependable, and nostalgic but what I found was that they’re terrible.

    First of all, they’re flat. This makes it extremely hard to feed her… the food falls off…

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  7. Thomas V

    The white sensor is a great feature. As a new parent it’s another tool helping me give my little girl the care she needs.

    My one real complaint is that the spoon is metal handled. I like to let my girl play with her food after she is done eating, and she can take the spoon in hand, but too often tries to shove it in her mouth the wrong way, and that’s metal end first.

    Obviously I’m right there whenever I let her hold anything, so I can prevent harm from happening, but this kid is quick to hurt…

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  8. Elsa

    Weaning at 4 months and baby loves the soft tips of these spoons. I wouldn’t recommend for older babies as they are very small. Perfect for first weaning!

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  9. Lexus C.

    They reminded me of my childhood which is why I bought them. they turn white as soon as something hot touches them.

    So initially my review was based on when I was only feeding my baby rice and oatmeal cereal, however, Ive recently begun baby foods. My daughter eats green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, and peas right now. Every single one of the orange foods stain these spoons. I thought it was the brand at first…I thought maybe they added food coloring to make the…

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  10. Lana Walker

    These spoons don’t hold the food very well and they stain orange when you feed the baby carrots or sweet potatoes with them.

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  11. Marian B

    These are too shallow to hold much food. So, if you have something that is watery/loose, then it won’t have much on the spoon. Trying to feed a moving little one with a spoon that won’t hold much leaves quite a mess. Also, due to the shape, when my baby closes her mouth, it seems to push part of the food back up the spoon. We don’t have this issue with the plastic ones. I would recommend the plastic Munchkin White Hot spoons over these.

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  12. Trix

    great spoons, nice and small for first weaning. i love the metal handle and my baby loves the soft scoop.

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  13. tester

    I find the white hot feature more annoying than helpful after using these awhile. you can generally tell if the food is too hot without the visual. And the color change happens with ‘warm’ temperatures which I would consider not to be anywhere close to dangerous. That’s annoying since I want to sometimes give food that isn’t chilled or at immediate room temp, and now this utensil is telling me i’m trying to burn my kid. I could probably just ignore it, but the spoon itself is actually really…

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